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Akuapem Ridge Development Corporation hopes to create an environment that will not only help enjoy a modern home environment but to expand their knowledge, improve their health and explore new cultural horizons. Families, individuals, artists and professionals will share ideas, knowledge and create a new suburb with a unique culture and identity. Located within a zone of the highest regarded schools and universities in the country, there are plans to establish world class learning centres for both children and adults.

The Akuapem Ridge Eco City’s new visionary model will also feature the development of o -grid, integrated and resilient eco-villages that can power and feed homes and o ces within ridge.

The Akuapem Ridge Eco City concept will take a holistic approach, combining a variety of innovative technologies, such as energy positive homes, renewable energy, energy storage, door-step high-yield organic food production, vertical farming, water management and waste-to-resource systems.

With the integration of such technologies, Akuapem Ridge Eco city holds a potential in changing some of the challenges of a growing population, increasing urbanization, scarcity of resources and the growing global food crisis as well as reducing the global CO2 emissions. Akuapem Ridge Eco city is all about applied technology. Already existing technologies are simply being applied into an integrated community design, providing clean energy, water and food right o the doorstep.

We welcome you to be a part of this success either as a citizen, partner, investor, supplier or a team member.

Frederick Attah Agyei
President- Richoldings Inc.

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