Eco-City - Project Preview

The Akuapem Ridge Eco-city presents the nest opportunities for Ghana to develop and experience ecological homes into cities and later replicate it in other cities and towns.


 Situated on the The Akuapem ridge which is 25 mins drive from the Kotoka International Airport and 45 mins drive from the Central Business Districts, it provides easy access to the capital city, Accra. It is strategically situated on the hills overlooking Accra with a ne and boastful temperature.


 It is home to the Peduase Lodge, a state owned edi ce used for Presidential and high level government meetings. Already there are sections of the working class commuting from towns on the hills to the capital for work, education and other activities. Some even travel far beyond the hills to Accra and Tema. It is of no wonder a former president of Ghana decided to live on the ridge after leaving o ce and Rita Marley, wife of the Legend Bob Marley who is now a resident on the ridge. More and more other personalities, expats, business executives, top corporate guns have chosen the ridge to be their home.


The ridge has the land space to develop an eco city. The ridge boasts of iconic landmark places and eco tourism sites such as the Aburi Botanical gardens, the umbrella rock, etc In the area of hospitality: Peduase Valley Resort, Hillburi, Little Acre Hotel etc.

Life in the city

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Life in Akuapem Ridge

Eco city

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