Our Story

Akuapem Ridge Development Corporation, ARIDCORP is a local Ghanaian-owned business entity incorporated under the laws of Ghana. ARIDCORP is a member company of the Reigning International Capital Holdings which is an investment holdings and private equity firm with presence in Ghana and Australia.

ARIDCORP’s core business activities are property development, urban planning & management and facilities management.The company is the development partner for three municipalities in the Eastern Region of Ghana: Akuapem North, Akuapem South and Okere.

We are currently at the master planning stage of developing ouragship development project dubbed: the Akuapem Ridge Eco-City to be sited in the municipalities afore mentioned.

The project is a sustainable city
and upon it’s completion will be the rst truly eco city in Africa and the largest private city as well.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to change perceptions of life in a capital city and encourage people to live, work and invest in the Akuapem Ridge.

Our Mission

To showcase the abundance of opportunities in the Akuapem Communities being lower cost of living, strong career and business opportunities and enhanced lifestyle.

Living in the Akuapem Ridge means less time commuting, working and stressing, and more time for you and your family to enjoy ridge-beautiful natural surrounding.

Our Objectives

  • To develop and transform the land space into a modern eco city
  •  To create job opportunities for the youth and working class.
  •  To boost the local economies of the towns and communities around which the land space is situated.
  • To preserve the local vegetation and minimize the pressure on it.

The company has identi ed opportunities within the towns and communities on the Akuapem Ridge.

These are the availability of land space; proximity to the Capital of Ghana — Accra as well as Koforidua, the regional capital of the Eastern Region of Ghana; eco tourism sites and hospitable locals.

ARIDCORP as it’s goal wants to transform these opportunities to lift the socio-economic stature of the locals and residents of the towns and communities. We believe, through the development of the land spaces into modern eco cities; set up of light industries and development of potential eco tourist sites, this goal will be achieved,

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